Client Services

Training Services

At Computershare Governance Services we accommodate your training needs with the understanding that learning new software, now matter how intuitive, can be overwhelming to users. With focus on learning we recognize the importance of hands-on client-centered approach to software training. Successful implementation ultimately depends on your user's ability to maximize the capabilities of the new software.

Committed to this goal, CGS offers both standard and customized training programs, ranging from comprehensive two-day sessions to solution-specific sessions. We keep our class sizes small to ensure that users receive the attention and guidance they require.

End User Training

End User Training is a fully interactive, comprehensive two-day training session. This session is intended for those who are responsible for the maintenance and entry of corporate data. Users are guided through the entire Global Entity Management System system, where they will learn how to create, modify and report on various corporate data. To accomplish this, users will be taught how to navigate throughout the system quickly and easily, learn GEMS concepts and functionality, and develop an understanding of how to integrate their existing data into the system.

Implementation Training

Implementation training is an intensive one-day overview of the GEMS system. This training program was designed for those who will be implementing GEMS into their corporate environment. Project managers and primary users will benefit from this session as it provides them with the necessary tools they require to complete their testing requirements. The objective of this session is two-fold; to have users learn the core GEMS concepts, functionality, and navigational techniques that will help during the implementation process. And the second objective is to aid users in setting up the parameters that will define how the system is to be used in their environment.

Advanced Training

Once users have completed end user training and have integrated GEMS into their corporate environment, users can expand their knowledge through advanced training. Dedicated towards the end user this training is customized to address specific processes that users require to fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities. Users will be taught advanced searching techniques by applying real scenarios in the classroom to create ad-hoc reports. Advanced training also includes exporting functions and creating a document library to manage corporate forms, reports, and documents.

Browse Training

Browse training is for those who need to view their corporate information only. These users have the ability to see corporate records on a national and worldwide basis; browse training will teach participants how to navigate through GEMS, view corporate information, appointments, contractual records banking and signatory records, intellectual property, security management and group charts.

New Release Training

As new releases of GEMS are issued to clients, we will be offering training sessions to our clients that will review additions and modifications that were made since the previous release. Users will be invited to participate remotely, simply by accessing an interactive online session. New release training dates and times will be announced to all of our GEMS clients at the time of each release date.

Technical Administration

Training is intended for those who are responsible for maintaining system security, end user management and system management. The primary focus of the session is dedicated to training administrators on how to assign designated access levels for end users. The session will also include a brief overview of GEMS navigation.