SecretariatOne UK

Track your companies more easily and reduce your ASiC compliance costs using a powerful web-based solution available anytime, anywhere.

Computershare’s SecretariatOne is an affordable web-based solution for company secretaries and legal officers to administer and manage their multiple subsidiary companies. Developed specifically for the Australian market and backed by a premier provider in the global legal community, SecretariatOne provides a complete view of your internal companies while allowing you to accurately record changes to your capital and ownership, registered office address, director and officer appointments/resignations, and much more. SecretariatOne is configured to provide electronic filing of forms directly to ASIC and is accessible 24/7 using a standard web browser.

ONE source for your company records

ONE solution you can rely on

ONE low cost annual fee

ONE trusted provider

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Maintain your core legal entity data and manage your corporate registers with more efficiency and accuracy. Easily track appointments, shareholders and your register of members and addresses to help you administer your legal entities and record changes in activity and operations.

Ensure ASIC Compliance

The compliance calendar and task tracking system within SecretariatOne will ensure you never miss your critical compliance deadlines. Changes to company directors, officers, shareholders and addresses can be captured in the database and directly merged into the appropriate forms for electronic submission to ASIC to help you comply with regulatory filing and corporations law requirements.

Improve Productivity

Authorised users can directly edit corporate records or utilise pre-built wizards to simplify and reduce time spent working on repetitive tasks such as bulk appointments, resignations and changes of address. Statutory minutes can be produced automatically from a library of minute templates.

Increase Visibility and Reduce Risk

Improve your overall visibility by using the associated document repository. Intercompany agreements, constitutions and deeds can be attached easily to company records for immediate retrieval – helping you control risk by providing a single trusted source of corporate information. SIMPLE AND USER-FRIENDLY Create meaningful group charts of companies, subsidiaries, divisions, tax structures and minority investments using SecretariatOne’s user-friendly functionality.

Key Features

  • Track entities and people including directors, company secretaries, addresses and shareholdings
  • Receive email notifications of compliance events such as business name renewals and annual returns
  • Use ad hoc queries to enquire about incorporation details, registrations and licences
  • Create point in time reports for a historical view of appointments, investments, addresses and names › Hosted in a data centre owned and managed by Computershare
  • Established solution with over 400 clients worldwide › Built on our Global Entity Management System (GEMS) platform for managing international subsidiaries SecretariatOne’s Entities & People screen.

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