GEMS is the world's leading entity management solution. Built on true web based technology, GEMS creates a framework that will provide your organization with improved corporate transparency, aid with the enforcement of Corporate Governance procedures and improve business performance.

As a centrally installed application, either internally or externally hosted, GEMS transforms the way your Corporate Secretary, Legal, Tax, Finance and other departments work together.

One application, one set of records, each accessed and managed uniquely, according to GEMS's multi-tier select audience security protocols.

Benefits / Overview

  • Centralized controls/De-centralized maintenance. Eradicate duplication, avoid omissions, and minimize errors. Bring together all subsidiary information from across your organization. One location for all records and documents.
  • Securely share real-time corporate information on all aspects of your group structure. Receive real-time email notifications of changes to your organization.
  • Cut due diligence and re-organizational cycle times by utilizing 'point-in-time' reporting and analysis features.
  • Improved production levels with GEMS's form, document and electronic filing capabilities.
  • Avoid fines and penalties associated with compliance deadlines through GEMS's triggers, notification emails and exceptions based reminders.
  • Ensure Corporate Governance policy is adhered to from entity creation to entity dissolution.

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