Delaware Annual Report Filings Using GEMS

The Situation

With increased regulatory pressure for governance, today’s corporate secretaries need powerful tools to effectively capture and accurately report on their entity data, as well as their director and officer information, to meet the demands for stricter controls. They need solutions to help them manage corporate data to ensure compliance with domestic and global tax, legal, finance and regulatory filings. In many jurisdictions now electronic filing of regulatory filings is mandatory. And as many companies have numerous active entities, this can result in a significant challenge for many corporations!

The Solution

Computershare Governance Services (CGS) offers GEMS clients FREE Annual Report Filings to the State of Delaware - our new Delaware Annual Report Filings solution reduces costs, minimizes risks and adds value.

In CGS’s quest to continually enhance and improve services, we’ve built a filing tool to automate the process of filing Annual Reports to the Secretary of State of Delaware. This filing tool will automatically populate all of the data required to file with the state based on client records in the GEMS application. With this tool you will be able to populate Annual Reports for both corporations and LLCs.

  • Delaware Corporate Filings due no later than March 1st
  • Delaware LLC Filings are due no later than June 1st

The 3 Key Benefits to the CGS Delaware Annual Report Filing Solution

  1. Cost Reduction
    Our new automated process is one that provides you significant cost reduction and operational efficiencies.
    • Filing directly to the state can take significant effort and time to complete - the forms are extensive and require significant amounts of data. Many companies have dozens if not hundreds of Delaware filings on an annual basis that can now be completed via the CGS Delaware filing tool.
    • Filing via a 3rd party agent (i.e. a registered agent) can be costly. In addition to the Annual Franchise tax that a company owes they are also charged a premium service fee from their agent. If the volume of filings is high the cost is often excessive. With GEMS you will not pay the processing fees charged by other vendors/agents.
    • As a result, filing via the GEMS Delaware filing tool will allow you to automate the process and submit hundreds of filings in one easy step and it’s FREE to GEMS clients.
  2. Minimize Risk
    The Delaware Filing tool is linked to the GEMS Workflow process helping you minimize risk.
    • Delaware filings are scheduled through the GEMS task manager function and a Workflow of associated actions. These associated actions automatically notify the appropriate users via email when filings are due and guides users through the process of completing all of their forms - helping to eliminate missed filings and late fees.
  3. Added Value
    Filing directly to the Secretary of State of Delaware via GEMS adds value to your Corporate Governance process by creating a comprehensive audit log of the transaction
    • You can easily refer back to filings that have been completed and track their status via the audit log
    • Filing en Masse provides clients the ability to file ALL of their Delaware filings in one easy step
    • Calculate your future fees directly through GEMS and confirm you have sufficient funds in your DE depository fund.

CGS has proven to be a Global provider of Subsidiary Governance Solutions and this recent beneficial addition of Delaware Filing solidifies our commitment to helping companies Add Value, Minimize Risk and Reduce Cost.

Information on our Governance Consultancy Services

With CGS, you are not just licensing software; you are buying the experience and expertise of a team of professionals. We provide on-site and online services to develop and implement a solution that will help you establish best practices. And as with our new Delaware Filing solution, we continue to enhance the GEMS software to suit your needs.

With up-front planning by a joint team of our consultancy experts and your key secretariat, legal, tax, finance and HR staff, we customize the software giving you the controls and flexibility you need for your specific subsidiary governance requirements.

Background on the Delaware Division of Corporations

CGS chose Delaware as our first Electronic Filing jurisdiction because it’s by far the most popular state of domicile in the USA.

  • Delaware remained the chosen home of 64% of Fortune 500 companies and, in autumn 2008, reached an historic milestone of one domestic entity per Delawarean.
  • At the end of 2008 there were over 882,000 active business entities in Delaware – an overall increase of 4.1% over
  • Of the 121,628 new entities formed in Delaware in 2008, 67% were LLCs and 24% were corporations.

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The Computershare Advantage

Add value through improved monitoring and compliance of your corporate governance procedures.

Minimize risk by overcoming the most common challenges and help ensure adherence to the best-practices in corporate governance.

Reduce costs through increased corporate transparency and business performance.

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