Focus on Charting

The ability to visualize group hierarchical structure perhaps provides the single most visible act of improving transparency within an organization a legal entity manager can produce. Factor in the ability to produce that group tree at any point in time, in its entirety or just a select subsection, with a myriad of colors and shapes to differentiate divisions or entity types or jurisdictions...a very powerful tool indeed.

Brian Chartier and Sandra Jorgenson of RBC Financial Group with their group tree, produced from GEMS, at their International Corporate Secretaries conference.

GEMS incorporates such an array of group charting functionality and a lot more too. Real time and point in time charts are rendered directly within GEMS or can be exported to Human Concepts Org Plus or Microsoft Visio.

Other notable features include:

  • Auto charts based upon voting interest and ownership from capital sections.
  • Percentage figures calculated automatically based upon nominated holding company.
  • Auto calculation of group interest and ownership percentages.
  • Non-capital orientated charting available - based on tax relationships, consolidation relationships, management responsibility, etc.
  • Inclusion of non-legal entities in charts (branches, divisions, SPVs, etc.)
  • Chart "lines of liability" - from a specific entity up to the Ultimate Holding entity.
  • Produce sub-charts - select an entity and show downwards only.
  • Selection of virtually any corporate data into the chart boxes.
  • Expandable and collapsible for ease of use.
  • Direct link into Human Concepts Org Plus, with exporting to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF or HTML formats.
  • Publish straight to web for sharing with wider audiences.

Thanks to GEMS, we now have a reliable inventory of our legal entities worldwide. The ability to visualize them in a single chart is of enormous benefit to the group.

Brian Chartier, Senior Manager
Subsidiary Governance Dept., RBC Financial Group