GEMS Certification

Increase your knowledge with GEMS Certification

The GEMS Certification Program is an opportunity for you to advance your knowledge and proficiency on the GEMS application. With our structured and in-depth training program, you’ll come away with stronger skills and a better fundamental understanding of the capabilities of the system.

The GEMS Certification curriculum is segmented for Basic Edit, Advanced Edit, and Administration users – with each course building on the other, including final certification exams which measure your progress and proficiency. Being certified ensures consistency amongst your users, provides a standard of achievement for career development, and delivers serious bragging rights of expertise in the industry’s most robust entity management tool. We are proud to have over 170 users worldwide as graduates of the GEMS Certification program.

GEMS Certification grads at the 2014 CGS North American and EMEA Client Conferences

FREE Training Webinars for Winter 2015

Take advantage of this FREE training opportunity to increase your knowledge of GEMS and be recognized with GEMS certification.

GEMS Basic Edit User Training

February 23-27, 2015, 10 hours


What you will learn

Basic Edit training is designed for new GEMS users who are tasked to edit and review data. This program introduces GEMS functionality such as navigation, data entry, user preferences, reporting and documentation. Basic Edit will highlight the different ways data can be presented to users, the most efficient methods to enter data, how to upload documentation supporting the information that has been entered, and how to design searches that yield the desired data.

Click here to view the complete training agenda. (Each daily session builds on the previous one. All 5 classes are compulsory.)

GEMS Advanced Edit User Training

March 23-26, 2015, 8 hours


What you will learn

Advanced Edit training builds on the fundamentals introduced in Basic Edit Training. Optimize your organization’s use of GEMS by focusing on select tools and functionality designed to make you more efficient. These functionalities include wizards to automate data entry tasks, advanced searches that generate more robust reports, exporting data to organization charts, customization of home pages to facilitate ease of access to entity data and execution of pre-made reports.

Click here to view the complete training agenda. (Each daily session builds on the previous one. All 4 classes are compulsory.)