Computershare Governance Services has established a number of Partner programs, all of which are designed to better address the varied needs of our international client base. They are:

Compliance Partners

Compliance Partners assist by providing a variety of services to manage the global compliance of your international legal entities.  They typically also provide ancillary services relating to legal entities, such as formation, dissolution and health-checks.  They provide a valuable service as part of your total governance framework and provide a cost-effective alternative to internally staffing or using a network of law firms.


Technology Partners provide system software, business application software and/or technical support that can either be integrated with or are utilized directly by CGS's Solutions.

CGS believes that the establishment and ongoing development of partnerships ensures an ideal win-win-win situation for our partners, our clients and for CGS. The partner program offers partners the opportunity to join forces with a proven market leader, thereby offering an incredible opportunity to further generate business and increase market awareness. Additionally, CGS has programs in place to train, support, and ensure the ongoing success of our partners.  By leveraging industry best practice technologies for certain elements, allows us to focus our development resources on the core improvements of our solutions.

Agents & Resellers

Marketing, distributing and providing implementation and support for CGS solutions in specific jurisdictions or market verticals is the primary goal of our Agent & Reseller Partners. Using your distribution channels and contacts, resellers play a primary role in extending the reach and influence of CGS solutions.

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